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"you are crying
and the angels sit
comforting God
telling him to stop
feeling so pained
“where does it hurt?” they ask,
he points to you."
Ijeoma Umebinyuo (via theijeoma)


your absence is a quiet violence.


always remember that the people you love are the only dangerous ones

"I think I fell in love with her, a little bit. Isn’t that dumb? But it was like I knew her. Like she was my oldest, dearest friend. The kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, and they’ll still love you, because they know you. I wanted to go with her. I wanted her to notice me. And then she stopped walking. Under the moon, she stopped. And looked at us. She looked at me. Maybe she was trying to tell me something; I don’t know. She probably didn’t even know I was there. But I’ll always love her. All my life."
Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 8: Worlds’ End (via wordsnquotes)

halloween is coming! made a real quick edit. the background is transparent :)
- Julia


Best pick up line: If i could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put “MCR” back together

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mum: i want to meet your boyfriend

me: yeah me too


hearing teachers swear keeps me young